Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Multi-Channel Gifting

With the silly season officially in full swing I’ve noticed many retailers setting up Xmas gift destinations within stores, however chasing the impulse buy is nothing new after all.What I am impressed by though is brands that have seized the opportunity to multichannel  with their gift offers. Two great examples of this are Sportsgirl and Dezeen.
Sportsgirl has launched a Gift Pop Up Shop on its site. The shop is divided up into themes including Make It (cupcake kits, puff paints, bedazzlers & sewing kits), Learn It (diaries, journals & star signs) and Road Trip (festival kits, headphones & luggage tags). Members can create their own Gift List and for further incentive they’ll ship within Australia for free if you purchase before December 17. The Summer theming, typically vivid Sportsgirl colours and simplicity of buying are making it difficult to tear myself away from the site!
Gift Pop Up Shop

Dezeen is a, sorry ‘the’ design blog focusing on some of the coolest architecture and interior projects from around the globe. From December 9 through to 19 they’ve set up The Temporium, a pop up gift store featuring a range of fashion, fine jewellery, watches, ceramics, books, furniture and lighting from UK design brands.image
The TemporiumThe Temporium
The TemporiumThe Temporium

Both brands have used this event to market to consumers outside their traditional channel. Dezeen have provided a physical space to showcase the designers they blog about – engaging the senses of touch and smell that aren’t communicable online, as well as making a few quid on the side. Sportsgirl have made it easy for customers to avoid the chaos and possibly their competition in malls by purchasing their gifts online.

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