Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spray to Play

Generally I’m pretty content with being female although there are times when, like going camping or being at public events and the line is long, that I wouldn’t mind switching genders. That was up until I read today that lads in Japan are busy playing games in public urinals! And I’m not referring to George Michael kind of games.

Angry Birds on the couch, in the car or under the desk is clearly not enough for you blokes (you know who you are)! Sega are testing consoles called ‘Toylets’ in urinals around Tokyo where users strategically vary the strength and location of their urine stream. The urinals have been installed with a pressure sensor and LCD screen mounted above, from which you can select 4 different minigames.

There’s Milk from Nose, Mannekin Pis which measures how hard you can pee and Graffitti Eraser which lets you remove paint by pointing a hose in different directions. My favourite though is The North Wind and Her, where the aim is to blow a girl’s skirt up – the harder you pee, the harder the wind blows. Of course its not just about the games, digital ads are screened at the conclusion of each.

They’re testing until the end of January but if we see these rolled out after this, guys – you may finally experience the leg squeezing torment of having to queue for the loo!

For those of you fluent in Japanese check out this.

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