Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Island Home

No I’m not posting about a Christine Anu song, rather about Louis Vuitton’s Island Maison which opened in Marina Bay, Singapore a few days ago.

Labelled as “a new luxury destination, where modern architecture meets the spirit of travel”, the concept is groundbreaking. LMVH have cleverly selected one of the world’s largest shopping destinations to create their 12th Maison store and the first on water.  The store is one of two glass and steel crystal pavilions designed by Moshe Safdie as part of the Marina Bay Resort.


Peter Marino, the glamour retail architect who’s responsible for many of the most impressive luxury flagships popping up across Asia, designed the interior. Marino says of Singapore,  “It’s a vacation spot for millions of Chinese. It’s an occasion spot where you go for a week, you go to the casino, the amusement park, hopefully you go to the shopping center. But [Vuitton] didn’t want to just be in the shopping centre like every other brand,” he explained. “The LV island is a real experiment in retail. It’s an object sitting in the water. You take a little wooden path 100 feet to the store, or there is a tunnel with a moving walkway; a little history of the company flashes by you, which is great fun, and then you come up,” said Marino, explaining the choreography of the consumer experience. “Because Vuitton, with their luxury luggage collection, owns the world of travel, it’s very much reminiscent of a luxury liner.”

The star-studded launch was was transmitted live via Facebook, providing a unique tour of LV’s island home to more than 3 million fans. Well worth checking it out on Facebook. Hat’s off for the complete retail experience… amazing nautical design inspired by the surroundings, boldness of creating a brand destination on water and importantly marketed smartly using social media inviting consumers to share the launch rather than having to wait to read about it in the social pages. Oh yeah, and the access via the underwater tunnel gallery... it’s just as much about the journey as the destination!

Photos courtesy of Wallpaper.

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