Monday, January 16, 2012

Thanks Aveda

Mad kudos to the Aveda retreat at Hawksburn. I ran in there a Saturday morning to stock up on a few things and was generously rewarded. What looked like the manager jumped up out of his chair and greeted me asking if I was looking for anything in particular. I reeled off the list – conditioner, face cleanser and blemish relief (I much prefer the French name traitment anti-imperfection!). The beauty consultant also assisted, quickly finding the items I wanted and without hesitation offered me a voucher to receive a foot soak & scrub, 45 minute customised facial and 45 minute customised massage within the next fortnight. The catch was that it would cost me $99, but knowing the Aveda retreat price list pretty well (thanks bro for many gift vouchers there over the years) I knew that was a great deal.

What was nicest was that the consultant didn’t hesitate to introduce herself and offer up the special, saying “you clearly love Aveda products and are familiar with the range, come enjoy this”. She was empowered by the store to reward as she saw fit. From a business perspective it was an add-on offer too, an opportunity to invite me to hand over more of my cash!

Nicely done Aveda, you’ll be seeing me again in the next fortnight.

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