Monday, March 19, 2012

Fuel for Shopping

Nike has unveiled their slickest concept store to date.. the Fuel Station at Boxpark, London.

According to Creative Director, Andy Walker it’s the “best consumer experience Nike has to offer for runners, which allows physical and digital experiences to really merge.” They’ve packed every new marketing technology we’ve been tanatalised with of late into this small container at Boxpark. When a customer walks in the store they’re greeted by a kinetic wall that reacts to their body using motion sensing technology – red representing minimum activity, green maximum. In the next space they are presented with feedback about the motion in the form of a multi pixel avatar. They can record this footage and share with friends on Facebook. As they approach the mirrors, the digital mannequins come to life so products can be viewed on the body without physically undressing. All staff are armed with iPads on which they can explain the latest products in the Nike range. The products are bought to life using augmented reality.

The store was developed in-house by the Nike Brand Design team who took strong references from the original 1970s Nike store in Oregon. There’s heavy use of warm timbers and concrete giving a sports stadium like feeling alongside huge glossy screens and LEDs.

The concept is based around the Fuel Band – the next generation in monitoring sports performance for athletes. It measures the wearer’s daily activity including steps, calories and time and allows you to set goals all whilst linking into your smart phone. Check out the video here.

Nike+ FuelStation at BoxparkNike+ FuelStation at BoxparkNike+ FuelStation at BoxparkNike+ FuelStation at Boxpark

Photos thanks to Dezeen.

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