Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Puma’s Clever Packaging

The latest instalment of Puma’s Clever packaging ideas was showcased at the Epic sustainable living expo in Dubai less than two weeks ago. The eco-friendly Clever Little Shopper is brilliantly conceived – a shopping bag that decomposes naturally in 3 month,s or in water in just 3 minutes!

The bag is composed entirely of cornstarch. The red dye that colours the water that’s left behind, is entirely safe to wash down the sink. It’s estimated the Shopper will save 192 tons of plastic and 293 tons of paper each year for Puma.

This planet saving invention comes on the back of Puma’s Clever Little Bag which has been available from Puma retail and online stores since November of 2010. The bag combines the traditional shoe box and customer carry bag into one tidy package. This packaging requires 65% less paper to make and reduces water, energy and fuel consumption during manufacturing by over 60% a year. To put that in to perspective for you, each of the bundles in the photo below is 1 tonne – now imagine saving 8,500 of these each year!

This series of innovations, along with biodegradable swing tags and tickets, is the result of a collaboration with Fuse Project designer Yves Behar. Over a 21 month period the partnership has conceived more than 2,000 different ideas. If you want to see what’s next in the pipeline, check out

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