Monday, February 13, 2012

The Beauty Loop

I can finally say that I’m in the loop. All across the latest trends, newest products and with invites to upcoming events filling my inbox. The Beauty Loop that is.

Mecca have fully branded their customer loyalty program into something quite special. In their words, it’s “our way of recognising you. The brands you love, the products you want and the experiences you enjoy. It’s also our way of thanking you and giving you more of Mecca.”

mecca beauty loop

There’s three levels that I can aim to attain in the Loop. Level 1 - A beauty devotee, you love all things Mecca... and yearn for more, more, more! For this I’ll get a complimentary Makeup Application for my birthday, invites to exclusive events and of course the latest in beauty news. All in exchange for a spend of $300 each year.

Level 2 - Meccanista is your middle-name gets me a birthday gift, complimentary Makeup Application, event invites and deluxe samples for a spend of $600. Going all out for twice that amount ($1,200) would see me attain Level 3 status - You have the key to Mecca! And your beauty wish is our command. In addition to Level 2 benefits, I would also receive one-on-one time with makeup and skincare experts, personalised new product showings and deluxe samples and previews.

Every purchase in store or online goes towards my Beauty Loop account. By setting up my profile online I can also activate the auto-replenish service ensuring I never run out of product and select what sort of products I want to receive more information about. I’m also prompted to write reviews about items I’ve recently purchased and share them with fellow beauty devotees on the site.

There’s a couple of things I love about the concept of the ‘Beauty Loop’. Firstly I feel that I’m on the inside – in the know with all the latest goss, a feeling of exclusivity. The word ‘loop’ also has a great connotation of being something that comes full circle – spending and receiving in return.

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