Thursday, July 15, 2010

Inflating Space with Icebergs

Architects Woods Bagot have designed a temporary, inflatable building that can be erected on vacant sites.

The Iceberg is made of modular units with a steel structure wrapped in EFTE high-tech plastic with a temporary concrete slab. Air beams (or big balloons) have been stitched into the fabric to provide additional structural support. The entire construction can be disassembled in a week and with the volume being little more than air, there’s minimal carbon footprint.


The firm were inspired to design the Iceberg by the huge number of stalled construction sites around New York, post GFC. In an interview with, Jeff Holmes, partner in charge of the NY office said “We tried to re-imagine how you could reuse those sites, but it had to be a real proposal. There's been a number of creative solutions in New York and Boston because of the number of stalled states. We took a hard-nosed look at creating something viable."

This design is surely set to increase the ever growing number of Pop-Ups used by businesses…. Perhaps now to be referred to as Blow Ups!

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