Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Break Up

On the back of my last two V-Day posts here’s another, and can I just say WOW, this is deserves the bouquet!

NAB have broken up with the other 3 major banks in Australia. Yes it's true, they’ve severed ties with CommBank, ANZ and Westpac and it’s apparently, “still a little raw.” The Break Up campaign was launched on Valentine’s evening with a series of very public break ups in bars, restaurants and other spaces across the country at 7:31pm. The 60 couples involved were all filmed and to watch online, some of the lines appear a little awkward (like the banter about hidden fees in the video posted below) but I’m sure they caused quite a scene amongst the many loved up couples celebrating nearby.


There is so much content dedicated to this campaign and across multiple platforms – facebook, YouTube, Twitter and a dedicated microsite. Like the emotional rollercoaster that is a real breakup, NAB are continually updating us on their feelings and providing explanations as to why it just had to happen. Only an hour ago they posted on Twitter -
“Heading home to listen to #breakupmusic - thanks for the support! Definitely feeling good about our decision!”

Australia’s four big banks have long been suspected of colluding with each other, particularly since the GFC led to the tightening of banking regulations which shut many smaller players out of the market. NAB’s Break Up campaign could be construed as an admission that this has been the case and provides an opportunity for them to differentiate themselves from the other three. 

With lines like -

“Honestly, we just grew apart and have nothing in common with them anymore.
So if you speak to any of them in the next couple of days try to be a bit gentle with them.”

- I suspect things are about to get quite nasty in Barbara’s bank world!

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