Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why the Heavy Breathing?

Is it the pack of runners sweating it out to reach the finish line first, or the couple of joggers that have dived into the bushes for a ‘cheeky quickie’? This Saturday, Melburnians looking for love can participate in the Puma Love Run to meet someone fit or share the trail with the one they love through the heart of the city.

Whilst I believe fun runs provide great benefit to the community – take the Sussan Women’s Fun Run supporting the Breast Cancer Network Australia or the Sun-Herald City 2 Surf which last year raised almost $3M for charity, it’s refreshing to see a brand do something totally new with the concept. Puma have really considered their market with this promotion – it’s being held in the evening rather than morning, choose from a 4.5km or 6.5km course depending on your fitness level, and by hosting an after party featuring Miami Horror. Then there’s the free training guide from ambassador (and total Blues legend!) Chris Judd, the limited edition Puma Love Run tee, the really cool artwork that conveys the promotion without any explanation and the raunchy viral.

Puma gets my heart this Valentine’s Day.

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