Sunday, February 27, 2011

Window Themes – February ‘11

Here’s a snapshot of windows at Chadstone this month.

Sussan, Portmans and Peter Alexander all featured travel themes. Paris for
Portmans as shown by the map of the city laid across the floor. Three enormous black and white images of a girl in streets (that I have to say looks suspiciously like GPO in Melbourne) filled the panes, whilst mannequins in dynamic poses surrounded street signs labelled with Autumnal trends – the Fitted Trench, the Fitted Suit and the Full Skirt.

IMG_0416  IMG_0419
IMG_0418  IMG_0420   
New York was the scene of the action at
Peter Alexander. Cute illustrations of city folk, lamp posts and the classic yellow cab created a strong image on the glass. The colourful garments on the mannequins behind the window popped next to the two dimensional white characters on the front of the window.

IMG_0442  IMG_0443
At Sussan mannequins were seated on park benches in windows that could have been the streets of Milan as suggested by the pavement patterned floor decal and Italian postage stamp on the glass. The repetition of holiday snapshots of friends in a European city filled the background.
IMG_0440  IMG_0441
Sportsgirl, Seafolly and Seduce capitalised on the month of love.
Sportsgirl communicated an empowering message to customers at a time that can see the single among us, a little low on self-esteem – I Heart Me. 

IMG_0422  IMG_0421
Whilst Seafolly went all warm and fuzzy with a giant heart comprising multi-coloured pompoms suspended in their window.

IMG_0426  IMG_0425
Seduce meanwhile, managed combine both love and travel with their Seduce Black promotion. “Join Seduce Black to go into the draw for a luxury evening for two filled with roses, bubbles and late night checkout”, read the love note posted across the hanging banner. A giant pink transparent heart was adhered to the glass and a cluster of suitcases filled the space amongst the mannequins. 

IMG_0424  IMG_0423
Dotti, perhaps O’week inspired, went Geek Chic with piles of books on the floor and desks surrounding mannis dressed in preppy glasses, cardis and leather satchels.

IMG_0427  IMG_0428
Finally, the
Body Shop showcased one of the most interesting window displays I’ve seen in sometime to promote their Nutriganics Skincare range. Watering cans were suspended, tipped slightly downwards inside the window to create the appearance that they were watering the green shoots that were plastered on the front of the window. Visual merchandisers had even gone as far as fitting long strands of clear plastic cable from the spouts to mimic water falling.

IMG_0429  IMG_0430 

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