Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Big Trouble for Big Richard

A good friend sent me details of a company that have adopted a rather novel approach to marketing themselves. Not only do Big Richard condoms have the ultimate symbol of fertility (the rabbit) as part of their logo, but they’re also making use of every bad pun in the book like “Girls like it better with a Big Richard”. My favourite brand activation though is the Condom Courier van they’re running around town in. Unfortunately they don’t do house calls but you may see them at festivals and the like.

big richard 3big richard 1     big richard header 2

They’ve also got a rather raunchy line of underwear available too….

big richard header 1

They did have a facebook site but I’ve just read that it has been closed down. Thumbs down Zuckerberg! They also tried to engage the Grand Prix to carry out some promotional activity but were refused. After reading their blog it quickly becomes apparent that the life-saving protection they’re selling is expected to be communicated in a very sanitized fashion. When you consider that a very famous campaign involving a girl on a bed and an ant-eater named Rex used blatantly sexual overtones to sell cotton briefs it seems grossly unfair that a product that’s directly related to sex should be restricted from referencing doing similar. What do you think?

There’s a chance you may see the following clip screening at a cinema near you soon… that’s if the Classification Board doesn’t get involved!

PS If you haven’t seen the Holeproof Antz Pantz ad here it is…. so brilliant it sits in the Australian Centre for Moving Image archives.

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  1. nice one! I doubt the antz pantz ad would be allowed on todays tv. Censorship and advertising standards crack down on everything these days. Go Big Richard!