Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What’s in the Bag?

How exciting is it walking into an event and seeing the goody bags lined up, just waiting to be pressed into your hands! That’s what I was feeling when I entered the BMW Edge at Fed Square a fortnight ago for a LMFF seminar.  A closer inspection inside my glossy white bag revealed the usual bottle of water, a choccy, some L’Oreal samples and a pile of printed materials.


As I sifted through the literature I was immediately impressed by the effort that festival product partner, Kikki K had gone to in providing for the bag. There was a journal and pen – perfect for me to take notes with as I listened to the speakers. There was also an A3 magazine printed on a heavy weight paper that celebrated the ten year anniversary of the brand established by Kristina Karlsson as well as photography, food and music from her native Sweden. The photography is beautiful, the quotes inspirational; “Be in control. Be free… Being organised is about having more time for enjoying things in life.. and the freedom that brings.” The publication subtly incorporates product into the images including the iconic white storage box that started it all. Each item is positioned as being able to improve lifestyle rather than just providing function. The best example of this is the Dreams Journal -

“Something very powerful happens when you start putting your dreams on paper. They become real and achievable. Use this list from our 101 Dreams Journal as your starting point. Consider what you’d love to achieve; what you’d love to experience; and what you’d love to see. Write down what comes to mind. Don’t edit yourself. Dream, then do.”


My favourite piece though was the Fashion Planner. Kikki K had a product customised perfectly to the recipient of the bag – fashionistas. The blurb inside the cover explained it as an opportunity to save time by planning outfits in advance, to carry out a wardrobe audit, to collate your wishlist of garments to buy and to capture trends.


Each of these pieces had been tailored to the audience, unlike the other sponsor pamphlets, unworthy of mention that I threw straight into the recycling. Sponsorship of events and festivals is typically a costly exercise so make it worth your while and think about what you can provide that will leave a positive and lasting impression on the receiver.

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  1. Wow! We're blown away by such an awesome post. Thanks for the stationery love and the shout out about our involvement with LMFF. It takes months of planning to pull this together, so we're delighted to see our efforts appreciated. Thanks for taking the time and making the effort to write this post.

    Love kikki.K xx