Thursday, February 4, 2010

Moving Windows for Moving Houses

Walking through Albert Park last night I noticed real estate agent, RT Edgar have done away of traditional A4 printed listings in the window in favour of sleek looking monitors.

Although there's a substantial outlay upfront, there are multiple benefits of adopting this technology:
  • Listing are updated immediately - In this never-ending real estate boom (well in Melbourne anyway... have you seen how much competition there is at auctions!) being able to communicate new listings to potential buyers is critical.
  • Unlimited space - the agent is no longer limited by the physical dimensions of the window as data scrolls across the screens.
  • Advertising - costs could be offset by featuring intermittent adverts on the screen ie. for mortgage and insurance companies or local attorneys.
  • Appearance - the moving image attracts the eye of the passerby. It screams to the viewer "This is a professional, slick agency. We have the resources at our fingertips to sell/buy for you!"

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