Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grassing on Another Bloody Water

Another Bloody Water were one of the sponsors at last Saturday's St. Ali Yarra Place Project and had their truck stationed in prime position for the event. Now this is not your standard delivery vehicle. Like all their delivery vehicles it's covered from top to tailgate in synthetic turf with the brand name cut into the side.

Against the urban backdrop the grass provides a refreshing and eye-catching contrast. I also wonder if it's an attempt to allude to the eco-friendliness of the brand in a time when the trend is about nose-thumbing the unsustainable practice of bottling and branding water (remember last year when Bundanoon, NSW banned the sale of bottled water in their town). On their website they go to lengths to list their green credentials; it's BFA (Biological Farmers of Australia) certified and the Acquifer it's sourced from is confirmed as fully renewable.

Kudos to them for activating their trucks with a subliminal environmental message.


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