Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Smiggle Screen Scribble

Knowing my love of stationery, it was no suprise I paused for a good few minutes when walking past a store in Sydney last week. Not to gaze at the brightly coloured textas popping out of the window, but because I was entranced by the animation playing on the screen.

The team at Smiggle coloured in this large cartoon at regular pace and captured the process using a stop motion camera. It's a fun way to draw passers by into store (a moving window display catches the eye much more effectively than a static one) and to demonstrate the product in use.

Smiggle have cleverly hung their screens at portrait orientation, meaning that if they have no video content to play they can screen a still image featuring their latest promotion. This can be scaled to a standard window banner size, meaning one less artwork layout required. Video tells a story much more effectively than a series of stills, however there’s a myth out there that video costs a small fortune to create and edit, as it requires talent and large sets. This is far from the truth when thinking outside the square as Smiggle have done.

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