Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Maturialism - Which Brands Are Responding

Consumer behaviour is changing. Two billion of us are online and commenting on every topic under the sun  and of course brands aren't escaping our criticism. Unlike other traditional forums we aren't holding back (issue of cyber bullying is case in point) on opinion about products, services and experiences. This greater exposure to the uncensored sphere of the world wide web has created a segment of society that's rawer, harder to shock and seeking more risque experiences. We're demanding brands push boundaries to engage our short attention spans.

Read the September issue of trendwatching -  MATURIALISM to find out more and which brands are responding.

Thoroughly exposed to (if not participating in) an uncensored, opinionated and raw world (especially online!), experienced consumers no longer tolerate being treated like yesteryear’s easily shocked, inexperienced, middle-of-the-road audiences. Able to handle much more honest conversations, more daring innovations, more quirky flavors, more risqué experiences, these consumers increasingly appreciate brands that push the boundaries...
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