Sunday, August 29, 2010

What’s Hiding Behind the Hoarding?

Over the past couple of months South Yarra has been home to at least two fantastic examples of creating interest in dead space.

The first is The Botanical on Domain Road. Undergoing renovation, it's covered the cladding in front of the restaurant with graphics of eight different herbs. Your challenge is to guess the name of all herbs and then enter online to go into the draw to win a private dining experience. The promotion engages passers-by, most of us who probably feel quietly confident in our knowledge of all things gastronomical after being exposed to another season of Master Chef recently. It drives traffic back to the website and is an opportunity for The Bot to boost its mailing list.

The other is a little more quirky. 'New Seasons Pipes' is a campaign, not by a new apparel retailer (as I foolishly believed) but an effort by South East Water to conceal the ugliness of the Chapel Street Water Main Renewal Project, as they tear sections of the famous fashion precinct apart to improve utilities. It creates a positive image for a company that we generally associate with a hit to our hip pocket every quarter.

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