Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Howard Saunders Does Westfield Breakfast Seminar – Pt 1

I was fortunate enough to be thoroughly entertained and enlightened by Howard Saunders at the Westfield Breakfast Seminar in Melbourne this morning.

For those unfamiliar with the name, Saunders is the enigmatic personality behind retail trend tracker Echo Chamber and much to my envy spends his days gallivanting the globe to analyse the latest and greatest retail design trends.

Fresh from London he highlighted trends in this post GFC world where old staples like Woolworths and Borders have shut up shop yet retailers like Chanel and Apple have queues around the block. Why you ask – because today’s consumer “Must Have and Must Do”.

Three trends Saunders sees emerging…

1. Push for Posh
This is what's happening at the value end of the retail spectrum:
Primark, Bristol

Uniqlo, Tokyo
H & M, Barcelona
With fitouts of this calibre it forces all retailers in the spectrum to scale their offer upwards. So what does this mean for luxury brands?

Phillip Lim, Seoul (yes those cones are brass)

United Nude, Amsterdam
24 Issey Miyake, Tokyo

The trend isn’t exclusive to fashion either. Check out this butchers…
Victor Churchill, Sydney

Gallery styled spaces and showrooms, along with collaborations with artists are the new norm for these players as the posh are pushed. I find this trend exciting – from a design perspective it means more licence to experiment; and as a consumer the potential to engage with brands at the next level!

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