Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Howard Saunders Does Westfield Breakfast Seminar – Pt 2

The second trend Saunders discussed reflects consumer’s desire for smaller scale…

2. Anti-Big
Why do large retailers like department stores segregate the way we shop, forcing us to walk between ‘Furniture’, ‘Linen’ and ‘Sleepwear’ sections to buy the items we need for a bedroom? It makes much more sense to shop by room or event.

Anthropologie, Kings Road

Le Labo, Marylebone Village
Unlike the bright, white, sterile spaces multi-national cosmetics companies traditionally operate from, Le Labo offers a unique collection of perfumes and candles created in partnership with some of the world best perfumers.  The creations are made in front of you and the labels personalized with the name of your choice.

Marqt, Amsterdam
One’s could be forgiven for thinking this is just another large food retailer cashing in on the demand for organic produce (think Whole Foods), but it’s actually a cashless (credit and bank cards only) collective farmers market.

It’s about Curation… putting together selected items to solve people’s problems.

Wonder Room @ Selfridges, London

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