Thursday, August 19, 2010

Howard Saunders Does Westfield Breakfast Seminar – Pt 3

The final trend in retail Saunder’s shared with us was about playing with time…

3. Einstein Time

’Slippery’ stores with slick floors and clear, wide aisles (think supermarkets) reduce a customers dwell time.

These retailers are creating places for hang time:

Starbucks - free wireless

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Jack Wills, Covent Garden London
Catering to those with a preppy sense of style, Jack Wills took over an old antique market in London’s Covent Garden and used the setting as a theme to hold customer interest whilst in the store.



Ping Pong Parlour, London
A pop up offering free ping pong to passers-by, no strings attached.



In summary the message for retailers is:

- You can’t turn back the design clock
- Try something different
- Give us time to love you

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