Thursday, August 26, 2010

GAP Chadstone Opens

GAP finally made its debut on the Australian public today - unveiling its first store at Chadstone Shopping Centre.

In true flagship style they've opted to do what few Australian retailers dare and spread their offer over two stories. Unfortunately they have made the decision to put GAP Kids upstairs and whilst there is a lift, I noticed a number of mothers struggling to get their prams up and down the couple of stairs at the top of the escalator.

It's an impressive site and they've utilised natural light from the outside window frontage. There's big beachwood and off white tables to hold volume, volume and more volume. Huge mirrors resting up against ends mean you don't necessarily need to queue for the fitting rooms to see how a garment looks on. The VM is banging! Visual cues galore to show customers the various ways shirts and denim can be worn (rolled sleeves, shirts tucked in, cuffs up, etc). Mannequin torsos layered in tees, particularly for the men's range. Strong Point of Sale imagery fills giant lightboxes and is plastered on the windows.

Most importantly GAP Australia has retained the identity it's renowned for. Once inside you could be in a GAP store anywhere around the globe.

I apologise for the quality of the photos which were taken on my Blackberry.

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