Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Broadsheet Cafe pops up

A Sunday afternoon stroll through the top end of Melbourne city found me at the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival pop up, the Broadsheet Cafe. One of the city’s online mags (sometimes in print), Broadsheet has joined forces with some of our favourite cafes to showcase their unique roasts and tastes. 

We all have our favourite blend – one of my friends swears by
St. Ali in South Melbourne and another rather dogmatically asserts that Piccolo in Windsor is home of the best brew. I’m proposing the Broadsheet Cafe be the venue for their showdown. With a daily rotating roster of baristas from Seven Seeds, Five Senses, Dead Man Espresso, Market Lane, The Premises and Proud Mary there’s plenty of coffee available for their critiquing. They’ve also partnered with fine food purveyors, Baker D. Chirico and Earl Canteen to supply the nosh.

I love that a number of competitive businesses can work together on this venture in the pursuit of expanding and educating their customer base. Kudos really goes to Broadsheet though for facilitating this project to, in their words “engage with our readers as well as the people and businesses we admire.”

They go on to write in their latest print edition “More than just a news source, Broadsheet is dedicated to helping people experience and participate in the things that we report on everyday. This is what has driven us to develop a physical experience for our readers and an extension of the brand beyond words and theories.”

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The Broadsheet Cafe runs from 4th – 14th March at 24 Crossley Street.

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