Monday, March 28, 2011

Finders Keepers

Every weekend somewhere across this city, scores of hard-working artisans drag out their trestle tables and display their handmade crafts, anxious to sell to Melburnians looking for their next unique trinket. From Rose St, to Southbank on Sundays, to the institution that is the Camberwell market, car parks and vacant spaces are converted to temples of commerce with vendors patiently whiling away the hours between dribs and drabs of customers.

Last weekend Finders Keepers breathed new life into Melbourne’s artisan market scene and drew swarms of people to the Docklands to shop the goods of our talented creative community. What set Finders Keepers apart from the routine fare is that is was truly an Event.

Not only was there row after row of stalls (over 150) selling everything from jewellery, to clothing, to wooden portable speakers – there was also food and entertainment to keep the people around. Baba Catering and the Taco Truck (yes we finally have one in Melbourne!) filled bellies whilst a rotating line-up of bands and DJs hit the stage. Using a disused warehouse over 2,000 square metres in size also meant that Melbourne’s unreliable weather wouldn’t threaten proceedings. Art installations including an interactive collaboration with the Paper Convention Collective and the Ethical Clothing Australia Vintage Photobooth added to the sense of fun and occasion.

IMG_0675 IMG_0631  IMG_0635 IMG_0639    IMG_0655 IMG_0657    IMG_0663IMG_0662 IMG_0666 IMG_0667  IMG_0668IMG_0670IMG_0661  IMG_0673  

Whilst I’m not sure the organisers of Finders Keepers would like to be compared to a multi-national like Westfield, they have adopted the core principles that best practice retailers use -  keep customers within the space engaged to maximise potential consumption.

Finders Keepers, I IMG_0653 YOU!


  1. Ohh thank you for your lovely post! We love hearing what people enjoyed and got inspired by, and yep we have never been compared to Westfield before but we love to keep people engaged and interact with creative concepts! :)
    Also Baba Catering is run by the guys here:
    not Gigi Baba..

    Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Sarah & for the correction on Baba Catering - apologies for that!